Monday, August 26, 2013

Long time between posts

Hello Fraggers

Dead here with a long overdue update. I took a long break from playing, as earlier stated. I was able to completely remodel the main bathroom in my house. I did a lot of research on "How To Do" many of the items, to replace and renew, and then applied all of my already acquired skills and voila, there be a new bathroom. I replaced everything down to and including some of the wall 2x4's. I even did all the tile work myself. It took me almost 3 months. I spent just a little over $5K on the project and I would estimate that if I had a contractor do this quallity of work, it would have cost me over $12K. Booyah.

I kinda started getting back into playing, now and then, with all the same problems I was having before, severe lag and jerky game play. One minute I could be near a win and then all of it would go to hell and I would be lucky to get a hit, let alone a kill. Just not exceptable for me. Just drives me nuts.

I got many requests to run a full version of the game. I decided to do just that, on a limited basis. I run the "Demo" version during daytime hours and "Full" version in the evening hours. I can only run one game at a time, so I have to switch back and forth, manually starting up the apppropriate game. They now have game names as "Deadz Zone Demo" and "Deadz Zone Full".

I have chosen to do this for a very important reason. I was the only dedicated full time Demo server. This brings in fresh meat to the games and allows the Full version to prosper for all of us. So, I hope everyone understands why I am not a full time "Full version" server. There is another player in Europe that has been putting up the Demo version part time. As to not be accused of being vulgar, I will simply refer to him as "Old P Man". He also plays the Full version sometimes and is a formitable player in both versions. I have not figured out how to run both games at the same time through my current setup. I guess I could run two separate computers, but then I still have the problem of getting both through the router at the same time. It would also double my cost of electricity to run them.

Dead Again