Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Fraggers,

As you may have noticed or heard in the games, I have stopped playing and hung up my guns. Frankly the game was frustrating me and taking up way too much of my energies. It is amazing what you can get done when not playing so much. I also shut down the server. In retrospect, that was hasty of me and I apologize. I am going on a road trip again and will be away for several weeks, and the game would not have been running anyway. It is my intent, upon my return from this trip, to again put up the server. I will put the server in "full version mode". But again that is several weeks away. Look for it in about 3-4 weeks.

This road trip is for a family reunion on my wife's side. We will motor up the US 15 to the US 70, then through Colorado via Denver, where we will veer North through Nebraska and Iowa. Then to Wisconsin for reunion on July 28th. We will be in Dorchester, WI for about 5 days, then go where the wind blows. We are inclined to stay North to try to reduce the heat exposure, for this time of year. We were thinking Canada, but are considering PA to see a cousin and maybe go as far as NYC or Washington DC. If you are along our route, let me know at if you would like to meat up for a short visit. We could break bread as the say and or just chat it up for a while.

On the home front here I have been dedicating a good deal of time to my garden, it is the best I have ever had. Lots of verity this year. Although the away time is a challenge, I have automated the water system this year and invited a neighbor to raid the garden regularly. And of course there will be someone watching over the house.

As many know I am big into Solar Energy and all things conservation. This month my solar panels completed their 3rd year total accumulation. This year I achieved a total return in the form of a profit of $106 credit to my electric usage. The first year cost me $128 and the second year cost me $73. Amazing what unplugging a few unnecessary appliances can do. This system has also produced a accumulated total of 21 megawatts during that 3 year period. To see what the initial costs of setup were, read previous posts about it.

Wish us a safe and fun trip,
See you all in a few weeks.

DAVE..........AKA, Dead Again

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