Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello, out there in frag land.

I guess it pays to be patient. I have been scanning the web for the different game monitoring sites and it appeared to me that the only way I was going to get my little side bar app to function was to pony up some cash. But, I was having a bit of trouble justifying that.

As you can see to the right here, the side bar app is functioning again. It appears that I just had to wait long enough for the Game-Monitor site to build new data on my game server, so it could show up. At least for now, it shows that the game is live and the correct IP address. The little green dot says that the server is active. There is a yellow dot when things are amiss, and a red dot showing that the server is not found, for what ever the reason may be. I have yet to see if the names of current players refresh at all.

Next week, Apr 25th., the Deadz-Zone server will be down again. It will be off for one week while I go on a vacation again. The Misses and I will be enjoying the wondrous sites and sounds of Disney World, in Florida. I regret that on this trip, I will not be able to see a fellow gamer, 3DFX. He will be a little over 200 miles away, and I did not book any extra time to travel throughout the state on this trip. We will reserve that for the next trip to Florida, next year. We will let you know how things went, when we return in May. Hopefully the Game-Monitor will not drop me again.

Happy gaming,