Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello Fraggers

Most folks would think that progress or improvements, in how computers work in our daily lives, would be a good thing. Well, in my case, this has turned out to be a untruth. Very recently I was able to aquire a brand spanking new and free of charge, latest and greatest modem/router from a dedicated Verizon Tech. I try to keep the Deadz-Zone up to date as much as is cost effective to me and my fellow gamers.

In the process of installing this new modem myself, one of the important practices involves releasing the DHCP lease for the IP address, of the old modem. If you do not do this the new modem will not connect and receive DHCP lease of the new IP address. Hence you will notice that the Deadz-Zone has a new IP address. If for some reason the Game World server is down and you want to connect, you will need to write down this new IP address. ie,

The good part of all this is that the Zone modem now has a built in Gigabit router, instead of the old 10/100 router. It also has bigger built in memory for handling the NAT and ARP tables. Ok, so it's not a majore thing, but it is supppose to help with handling the extra traffic of the game.

The bad part of this is, you will notice the, Game Status, table to the right has lost connection with the website. I used a small table that the Game-Monitor site provided for free. These little Website Modules allowed me to show some basic stats about the game, directly on my blog site. I have scowered the Game-Monitor site and can not find any links to these free conncetions, any more. Appearantly my old links worked, as long as I did not change my IP address, sort of a grand-fathered in thing. I have also noticed that the Game-Monitor site does not list my game any more. Maybe that will change with time as they scan the net for viable games. Only time will tell.

My searches of the site reveal that I can only get these Website Module links if I pay them real money. At this time, I do not find this to be a economical thing to do. I have not monitized this venture in any way and all of the expenses of the game come out of my pocket. This is a perfectly ok thing. I love the game and providing it. I built a computer that is dedicated only to running the Quake 4 Demo. I established a good solid internet connection with ample bandwidth to the game and not interfere with anything I do personally. The electricity to run this computer 24/7 costs about $15 per month here in California. That is a computer consuming 3.8 kilowatt hours each day. As many of you are aware, the Deadz-Zone home is Solar Powered. If the solar unit was not on the house, then it would cost much much more, as the rates for the higher tiers in California are shitty.

If anyone has a better idea for the links and the game staus link, feel free to let me know. You can always reach me at deadzzone@gmail .com. For those of you on FaceBook, you of course have contact through my private E-mail with Yahoo mail.

Thanks again


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