Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Fellow Fraggers

One of the best parts of running and playing in the Deadz-Zone, is meeting such a diverse crowd of players, both in game skills and geographic backgrounds. It has been a pleasure to provide the game for everyone to enjoy. In my efforts over the years, I have "endeavored" to build and maintain a "repore" with many of you, some on a personal level. Sometimes that ethic is challenged by the method and tone of communication used in the game-chat. We have shared through the game chat mode, E-mails, phone calls, Facebook, this Blog, and even face-to-face visits. I would use this time to remind all of us that sometimes there are things in our lives that somehow take control of our better judgment and fog the realities of our little game world. So, I would say, sometimes it is better to not respond to these outbursts and consider that "discretion is the better part of valor". That said, with a player's permission, I make the following announcement.

Today, I am saddened to announce that, one of our regular players has been dealt a tragic blow.H5N1 (aka, bird flu), has long been a formidable force in our games. He confided in us last night that his Father became suddenly ill and died, a short time ago. He is a bit grief stricken over it and finding it difficult to deal with. His father was not ill previous to this event and was of the age of many of us older players. H5N1 wishes to apologize for his behavior of late and begs your understanding.

Many of us "older" players have our years of experience to teach us, the realities of life, hard as they may be. Also, many of us have suffered the loss of someone close to us. Some of us may be dealing with a loved one who is sick or caring for the sick. So, I know for a certainty that I can say, for all of us, we offer our deepest condolence and sympathy to him and his family in this difficult time.


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