Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello Fraggers

The Deadz-Zone, our home, is undergoing some major changes. But, I will endeavor to maintain the game-server through all the work.

Last Monday, we started a major project of replacing our kitchen. This is a complete tear out and replace. By Wednesday, we had all the linoleum flooring ripped out and we discovered that all of this floor area was wet. And, there is a large crack in the foundation, Earthquakes, yah-know. We had a plumbing company come in to video-survey the drains and water lines. It appears that all of the sewer lines in our 1969 tract home are deteriorated and the copper lines in the slab are suspect. After much deliberation we decided to abandon all of the existing lines and install all new lines. This will entail saw cutting the slab in the kitchen and the garage to install new ABS plastic there, then trenching around the perimeter of the house and under the foundation to connect new lines to all the sinks, toilets and showers. They will also trench up the front yard and connect all the new drains to the sewer system. Yikes!!! Can you say add another $20K.

As far as the water pipes go, we will be going overhead into the attics and closed ceiling spaces. We will have to open quite a few walls and soffit spaces to accomplish this.

So, if you do not actually see me play for a while you will know why.

Wish us luck

DEAD and the Misses

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