Saturday, February 6, 2010

Once again, I find it necessary to remind players, that it is NOT OK to address other players, in such a manner as to be belligerent or to use foul language. Today, I had to block two players, that just don't seem to understand this. I will from time to time, block a player from the game. I will then remove the block, after a period of time, to see if they can behave themselves. These "rules of the game" are no different than those of the, big boy, professional run, games out there.

I also will not abide by the personal attacks on my character, because I enforce these Rules of Play. I will "Kick" a player as a warning of their actions. After a couple of kicks, I will insert a block into my system to allow other players to enjoy the game. Today after kicking a nasty player, that player came back immediately and started a barrage of insults that was just not acceptable. The anger displayed was personal, vulgar and abusive.

I will also remind you all that I provide this game, free of charge and in no way benefit financially for it. I build the computers on which the game runs and provide the high speed internet connection, at considerable personal cost. I do it because it is FUN for everyone who uses it correctly.


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  1. Well said! You dont have to take verbal attacks for everything you have been doing.
    Keep it up!