Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Vacation Again

Well, as you can see, the Deadz Zone server is down. I and the Misses are away on vacation. I will be returning home late Monday evening, 1-25-2o1o. I will turn the server on as soon as I return home. I am just not comfortable leaving the server running unattended. I have increased the power levels of the server and it does require some daily attention.

The ride here, in the car, was fairly uneventful, except for the nasty weather. We had heavy rain and sometimes very strong winds, all the way. I even saw a big rig truck almost flip over due to the cross winds. His right rear wheels actually came off the ground and this guy was able to snap it back into line and continue along his way. Problem is, it never slowed him down. Such an IDIOT.

We are here, in Mesa Arizona, so the Wife may attend two days of seminars, on how to do better Genealogy research. She has been doing this research for several years and has dug up a great deal of family history. Of course, there is always more to find. Unless you and your family have never moved, then your family history is scattered all over the place. Different cities, counties, states, even countries. Thanks to the World Wide Web, much of this information is easier to find. Still there is a need to write letters, fill out forms and send to places all over the country, requesting information of different family members.

A trip to this area would not be complete without visiting with some of the Wife's family. And, while here, I am going to visit with Camper, one of my gaming buddies. He has been playing Quake 4 for many years. We are going to have dinner and visit with his family.

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