Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am away from home again. I have gone to see my Sister in San Diego. She is in need of a medical procedure and have I gone to help her for a few days. She has some damage to her lower back and her neck. The pain is very debilitating, and with an injection to the spine, the doctors are hoping to easy some of the pain and allow a return to some normal activity.

While I am there I am doing some computer repairs and installing some new TV equipment for her. That and just being company to be sure she is safe for a few days while she recovers from the injections.

While I am away from home, I have enlisted the help of a loyal player of the Deadz Zone. RedDevil has graciously accepted the duty of resetting the game server for me. He will be changing the playing rooms from time to time, thereby resetting the game parameters and keeping it from crashing. Normally I would reset the game daily to prevent the crashes and keep the game in top performance.

I am taking advantage of the situation and will be having lunch with Micheal, another regular player of the game.

Last week when I was in Arizona, I was able to meet up with Camper and his family and we enjoyed some, one on one, time and dinner with our respective families. I really enjoyed the visit. I will continue, to try and make time, to meet more Deadz Zone players as I travel in the near future. In a few months, I hope to meet up with 3DFX, on a trip to Florida.

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