Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Fellow Fraggers

One of the best parts of running and playing in the Deadz-Zone, is meeting such a diverse crowd of players, both in game skills and geographic backgrounds. It has been a pleasure to provide the game for everyone to enjoy. In my efforts over the years, I have "endeavored" to build and maintain a "repore" with many of you, some on a personal level. Sometimes that ethic is challenged by the method and tone of communication used in the game-chat. We have shared through the game chat mode, E-mails, phone calls, Facebook, this Blog, and even face-to-face visits. I would use this time to remind all of us that sometimes there are things in our lives that somehow take control of our better judgment and fog the realities of our little game world. So, I would say, sometimes it is better to not respond to these outbursts and consider that "discretion is the better part of valor". That said, with a player's permission, I make the following announcement.

Today, I am saddened to announce that, one of our regular players has been dealt a tragic blow.H5N1 (aka, bird flu), has long been a formidable force in our games. He confided in us last night that his Father became suddenly ill and died, a short time ago. He is a bit grief stricken over it and finding it difficult to deal with. His father was not ill previous to this event and was of the age of many of us older players. H5N1 wishes to apologize for his behavior of late and begs your understanding.

Many of us "older" players have our years of experience to teach us, the realities of life, hard as they may be. Also, many of us have suffered the loss of someone close to us. Some of us may be dealing with a loved one who is sick or caring for the sick. So, I know for a certainty that I can say, for all of us, we offer our deepest condolence and sympathy to him and his family in this difficult time.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Deadz-Zone is back up and running. I missed you all !!!

I was away to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, to see my Sister get married for the third time. Then off to see my Wife's Brother, in Reno. We enjoyed the local fare and sights......even made a few deposits here and there. Ja Ja Ja. It was a ten hour drive getting home tonight.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

To all my loyal Deadz-Zone players. The ZONE will be off-line starting Friday morning, Sept 10, while I attend a Wedding. The server will return to duty on Tuesday evening, Sept 14th. I trust someone will pick up the Gauntlet, while I am away.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Deadz Zone is back up and running. My electrical system was upgraded to accommodate all the new kitchen appliances for my kitchen renovation.

Note that the I. P. address has changed again due to prolonged power outage.
It is now =

Game server will be down for today while the new electrical services are installed in my home.

Back on line as soon as possible.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Well, the kitchen renno is in full swing with week three now. There were several days of delay due to the broken drain lines and the ongoing process to replace them. The other day the re-piping project took a wide turn and ended up in my gaming room. The server was dismantled very quickly to allow easy access to the wall with all the plumbing in it to the bath room. Yesterday, I finally got enough energy to put the server back up, in another room. I will be doing some fine tuning on it as this is a brand new computer with Windows 7 on it and I am not used to the operating system yet.

On a more personal note, my best friend and his wife drove up to visit and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner out at our favorite B-B-Q joint, Bandits.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello Fraggers

The Deadz-Zone, our home, is undergoing some major changes. But, I will endeavor to maintain the game-server through all the work.

Last Monday, we started a major project of replacing our kitchen. This is a complete tear out and replace. By Wednesday, we had all the linoleum flooring ripped out and we discovered that all of this floor area was wet. And, there is a large crack in the foundation, Earthquakes, yah-know. We had a plumbing company come in to video-survey the drains and water lines. It appears that all of the sewer lines in our 1969 tract home are deteriorated and the copper lines in the slab are suspect. After much deliberation we decided to abandon all of the existing lines and install all new lines. This will entail saw cutting the slab in the kitchen and the garage to install new ABS plastic there, then trenching around the perimeter of the house and under the foundation to connect new lines to all the sinks, toilets and showers. They will also trench up the front yard and connect all the new drains to the sewer system. Yikes!!! Can you say add another $20K.

As far as the water pipes go, we will be going overhead into the attics and closed ceiling spaces. We will have to open quite a few walls and soffit spaces to accomplish this.

So, if you do not actually see me play for a while you will know why.

Wish us luck

DEAD and the Misses

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IP address change

Hello Fraggers

The Deadz-Zone experienced a prolonged power outage thanks to a local transformer that blew up. Blew the manhole cover into the local parking lot and twisted up the vault covers big metal doors. What a mess. 4 1/2 hrs later and away we go. Well, almost. Due to the prolonged outage and the fact that the ISP reset all the IP addresses, The Zones IP address has changed.

Make note the new address is

See you all in the games


Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Gamers. This is an update on my Solar Voltaic system that I had installed on my home, in California, in June of 2009. The system has been performing splendidly. In the summer months the panels produce a little more energy than I use everyday, about a peak of 33 KW/Hrs per day. In the winter months there is a marked reduction in the energy production. On the shortest day of the year the panels produce about 10 KW/Hrs per day. On a cloudy, rainy day, the system can still produce about 3-4 KW/Hrs per day.
My billing cycle has also changed to (NEM) Net Energy Metering. This means that I only pay my total usage, once a year. So far in 7 months of billing for my electricity usage, that is not replaced by my panels, my total accrued charges come to a grand total of $152.00 Last month my usage charges were $55. This month’s bill totaled only $36. A great reduction compared to my bills last year. Now the days here are getting longer and the total output from the panels is noticeably increasing, each week. In just a couple more months my bills will be in the $10-$20 range. So I am guessing my total bill for the year will be about $350. This is a big reduction from $1400/yr. That’s a little over $1000 savings per year, not adjusting for inflation.

Now, you may not have similar savings, as I cheated a little. I took advantage of the fact my usage here was high, for a few years, because I was caring for an elderly parent. And we all know they like it warmers in the winter and cooler in the summer. My utility bills were big. So they sized the system based on my passed usage charts. Then I started a campaign to reduce what I use. I replaced expensive appliances, and lighting with LED lamps. I replaced several computer CRT monitors for more energy efficient LCD type. A new high efficiency HVAC and new dual pane windows helped too. Soon to be replaced will be the 22+ year old refrigerator. That alone will reduce my usage by 30 KW/Hrs per month. I will also be seasonally shutting down my 2nd refrigerator. The second refrigerator uses a total of 49 KW/Hrs per month.

My ultimate goal here is to become electricity neutral. That is, I want to make everything I use. New law, here in California, requires that the electric company pay me if I should generate an excess, when adjusted yearly. I am not in this to make money but to get as close to zero as I can. Some near future projects will be additional wall insulation and some upgrading of the ceiling insulation, further reducing my monthly utilities, both gas and electric. I am researching the cost effectiveness of solar water heating.

Happy Fragging


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Once again, I find it necessary to remind players, that it is NOT OK to address other players, in such a manner as to be belligerent or to use foul language. Today, I had to block two players, that just don't seem to understand this. I will from time to time, block a player from the game. I will then remove the block, after a period of time, to see if they can behave themselves. These "rules of the game" are no different than those of the, big boy, professional run, games out there.

I also will not abide by the personal attacks on my character, because I enforce these Rules of Play. I will "Kick" a player as a warning of their actions. After a couple of kicks, I will insert a block into my system to allow other players to enjoy the game. Today after kicking a nasty player, that player came back immediately and started a barrage of insults that was just not acceptable. The anger displayed was personal, vulgar and abusive.

I will also remind you all that I provide this game, free of charge and in no way benefit financially for it. I build the computers on which the game runs and provide the high speed internet connection, at considerable personal cost. I do it because it is FUN for everyone who uses it correctly.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am away from home again. I have gone to see my Sister in San Diego. She is in need of a medical procedure and have I gone to help her for a few days. She has some damage to her lower back and her neck. The pain is very debilitating, and with an injection to the spine, the doctors are hoping to easy some of the pain and allow a return to some normal activity.

While I am there I am doing some computer repairs and installing some new TV equipment for her. That and just being company to be sure she is safe for a few days while she recovers from the injections.

While I am away from home, I have enlisted the help of a loyal player of the Deadz Zone. RedDevil has graciously accepted the duty of resetting the game server for me. He will be changing the playing rooms from time to time, thereby resetting the game parameters and keeping it from crashing. Normally I would reset the game daily to prevent the crashes and keep the game in top performance.

I am taking advantage of the situation and will be having lunch with Micheal, another regular player of the game.

Last week when I was in Arizona, I was able to meet up with Camper and his family and we enjoyed some, one on one, time and dinner with our respective families. I really enjoyed the visit. I will continue, to try and make time, to meet more Deadz Zone players as I travel in the near future. In a few months, I hope to meet up with 3DFX, on a trip to Florida.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Vacation Again

Well, as you can see, the Deadz Zone server is down. I and the Misses are away on vacation. I will be returning home late Monday evening, 1-25-2o1o. I will turn the server on as soon as I return home. I am just not comfortable leaving the server running unattended. I have increased the power levels of the server and it does require some daily attention.

The ride here, in the car, was fairly uneventful, except for the nasty weather. We had heavy rain and sometimes very strong winds, all the way. I even saw a big rig truck almost flip over due to the cross winds. His right rear wheels actually came off the ground and this guy was able to snap it back into line and continue along his way. Problem is, it never slowed him down. Such an IDIOT.

We are here, in Mesa Arizona, so the Wife may attend two days of seminars, on how to do better Genealogy research. She has been doing this research for several years and has dug up a great deal of family history. Of course, there is always more to find. Unless you and your family have never moved, then your family history is scattered all over the place. Different cities, counties, states, even countries. Thanks to the World Wide Web, much of this information is easier to find. Still there is a need to write letters, fill out forms and send to places all over the country, requesting information of different family members.

A trip to this area would not be complete without visiting with some of the Wife's family. And, while here, I am going to visit with Camper, one of my gaming buddies. He has been playing Quake 4 for many years. We are going to have dinner and visit with his family.