Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dead on Vacation or Deadman driving

Hello fellow Fraggers

As you can tell, the Deadz-Zone is down, for about two weeks. I regret to say that there just isn't anyone home to keep the server running. Dead and the Misses are away on vacation. We left in the family hearse early Wednesday morning. We made it to Fairfield Ca, about 3PM. We took a tour of the Jelly Belly, jelly bean factory and saw how they make them. It was very interesting and there were free samples to try the many flavors. Then off to find a tomb for the night.
Thursday morning was a late one for us as I was a little ill during the nite from my allergies. Allergic to tomb dust ya know. We decided to blow off the other places to see locally, and started up the freeway toward our intended destination, Canada. We made it to Grants Pass, Oregon and settled in to a really nice place for the nite.
I received some very sad news before we left on our journey. My very best friend in the world, called and told me his Sister died, very suddenly, earlier in the week. We have been close for more than 40 years. He is the "Brother" I never had. I offer him my dearest sympathies and wish him a safe journey to attend the funeral this Saturday. He lives relatively close to me and will be driving the same route I am on now, to Grants Pass, Oregon. He and his wife will drive straight through, tag-teaming the driving. He is not retired like I am and still has the responsibilities of reporting to a boss next week. Drive safe my friends.
I will report more on our whereabouts soon. DA....................

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