Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello again Fraggers

I apologize for the game server outage yesterday. I was inputting a block to permanently eject a nasty player, when the whole system froze up on me. In attempts to figure out what caused the lockout of the internet, I caused the router to get brain scrambled. But, I didn't know that, so I started taking apart my intra-net and it's routers and cables. Long story short the main router went stupid and I ended up doing a hard reset. Then I managed to put enough of the system back together and reset the DMZ protocols to get the game up, late in the evening. As a result of all this fumbling around, I just put up the 10/100 router. When I get time I will reinstall the Giggabit router and things will improve some more. I also found a bad cable in the walls. I had inadvertently terminated the cables at the walls using two different RJ45 connectors. I use the TIA/EIA 568-B standard. Lesson learned, you can not necessarily mix and match brands of terminators, even if you appear to be wiring them to the same color code. As soon as I realized the error, I changed the terminal, to match at both ends, and the cable tested good.

Make note, my IP address has changed as a result of the hard reset.

It has been some time since my last blog. I have kinda become disenchanted with the game lately. I don't know why, I have been having such a bad time playing the game. It seems as though, all of a sudden, nothing in the game seems to be real. And I have three different computers to play on. Now I know you're gonna say how can that be with a ZERO ping. I don't know but it is. I do not consider myself a pro gamer but, I have been playing for some time. I have noticed that I can not beat very many players. I have also noticed that my kill shots do not correspond to where I shot. Now this has changed because, not long ago, where I shot is where the kill was. Something is lagging in my video. This lag carries over to playing in all the games servers. Possibly I need to reload the whole OS. I am leaning toward the bad cable causing a bad impedance and upsetting the balance in my Intra-net. I'll let you know if things improve