Monday, March 16, 2009

"Deadz Zone" Administration

Hello Fraggers

The previous post is a set of rules for play in the "Deadz Zone" server. Please read them !!!!

I have now set in motion, some protections for the server and for the enjoyment of all players equally. I can now not only eject a player, but also BAN that player, at admin discretion. I now have the ability to block a players access to the server. The admin of this server will do so at any time they wish, for violations of the rules. I have also instituted remote admin of the server. You never now when ADMIN is watching.

In addition, Any player who intentionally crashes the GAME, will be reported to their ISP for a violation of their TOS agreement. This has the possibility of you loosing your ISP service.

Enjoy the game and please respect your fellow players.