Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Domain Name

Hello Fraggers

It is certainly a great day for the "Deadz Zone" Quake 4 Demo server.
Courtesy of my son-in-Law, splorp! Evil Bastard, I now have my own Domain Name.
You can now go directly to my blog via this link ""

I Thank You

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Deadz Zone" Administration

Hello Fraggers

The previous post is a set of rules for play in the "Deadz Zone" server. Please read them !!!!

I have now set in motion, some protections for the server and for the enjoyment of all players equally. I can now not only eject a player, but also BAN that player, at admin discretion. I now have the ability to block a players access to the server. The admin of this server will do so at any time they wish, for violations of the rules. I have also instituted remote admin of the server. You never now when ADMIN is watching.

In addition, Any player who intentionally crashes the GAME, will be reported to their ISP for a violation of their TOS agreement. This has the possibility of you loosing your ISP service.

Enjoy the game and please respect your fellow players.


"Deadz Zone" Gaming Rules

Hello Fraggers

The "Deadz Zone" server has been experiencing a high incidence of abusive behavior lately. Some players think that hiding behind anonymous names give them that right. WRONG!

This has been perpetuated most by one player that we all know, too well. For this reason I have instituted a set of rules, for the server. This is for everyone’s enjoyment.

They are as follows:

Server Rules

Offensive/Abusive behavior: If you are caught being offensive or abusive to other players, you will be played with like a toy at the admin’s discretion, if you continue we will ban you from the server. People play the game for fun; they do not expect to receive abuse.

Racism: If you are caught making racist comments on the server then you will be banned from the server.

Cheating: If cheats such has aim bots, wall hacks etc are detected installed on your computer, or you are caught using cheats you will be banned from the server.

Team Killing: Anyone caught by an admin for intentional Team killing, in a way to destroy a game, will be banned from the server.

Use of Offensive Player Names: If you are caught using an offensive name on the server then we will ban you.

No Camping (excessive Sniping): Anyone caught by an admin for intentional camping (including spawn camping) for long periods of time will be played with like a toy at the admin’s discretion.

In Game Chat: Please do not spam the in game chat facility, it is there for your benefit, please do not abuse this facility. Also please do not use foul language; same principles as Offensive/Abusive behavior apply.

If your have any questions about this please email Dead Again at “” where a server admin will try to answer your question.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello again Fraggers

It has been a challenge lately to keep the server up and running smoothly. I have been experiencing a number of problems. Every now and then the server locks up or crashes if you will. The most annoying error message is FreeCurrentPVS. This is the most frequent error. If anyone has a remedy for this please let me know. On a few occasions the game is just gone when I get up in the morning. I have recently installed updated versions of my spy ware programs, so that may be the issue. I will disable these until I need to use them and then put them away again.

I have been seeing a new group of players lately. Most are brand new to the game. Although, everyone is welcome to play, I have an issue with several players who think this is a place to be foul mouthed and belligerent. This is not appreciated and will not be tolerated. As the host of the game, I reserve the right to eject any player, at any time, for bad behavior. I will also note, that as the host, I can see everyones IP address. So just changing your name will not hide who you are. I am also trying to find a way to block or permanently ban players, who continually offend or harass others.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello Again fellow Fraggers

Well, it appears that I have been the victim of an annoying E-mail virus. It has mailed out a message to my personal address book, twice now. I thought I had gotten this problem taken care of, but apparently not. So for that reason, I took down the Game Server and all of my computers, for some maintenance. I ran a myriad of virus programs and spy-ware programs to route out the problem. The arsenal, I choose to run, consists of two virus programs. Both are excellent in my opinion. AVG Free is of course free to the individual user. The other is Kaspersky Anti-virus.

In the way of spy-ware programs, I use several. All of these are free to the individual user.
Spybots Search and Destroy.
Ad-Aware by Lavasoft
Malwarebytes, Anti-Malware by Malwarebytes Corp, found at
Another excelent program is Mail Washer by Webroot, although not free. It clears all the hidden caches and active memory. It is a, one click, clear all program.

Firewalls. There are several firewall programs out there. And I am sure that they try to do an ample job of it. But, only one I use is 100% free and has all the features that most users need. That is ZoneAlarm. Unfortunately, two of my new computers are running Windows XP PRO 64 and ZoneAlarm only has a "beta" for these. I had not installed them of late, and will be researching that very soon.

There are a great many, "Look A Likes", out there that pretend to be each of these programs, I just listed. So, be sure to get the originals only. The others will run a free program and then ask you for money to fix the problems they find. When, in fact, they actually put the problem in your computer to find. And, they later start bugging you to purchase a program, that you can otherwise get free.

I have since determined that the source of my infection is posibly two of my regular E-mail buddies. I have deviated in my routines and relaxed a bit. I will be more diligent, in the future, to route out that source. I never send out or forward SPAM mail. You all get them from someone you know and love. They are those funny and sometimes very sad little stories about some unfortunate individual or animal with a problem. More lately, they are coming in the form of political messages about the economy. You don't even have to click on any links in the mail these days. Just opening them, to see what they are, is enough to launch an attack.

I am sure that this will spir many a discussion on how to prevent attacks and they are all welcome. It is only through awareness that we can stay ahead of the game. If only by a small portition of caution.