Thursday, February 26, 2009

Humble beginings

Hello fellow Fraggers. I am Dead Again. I run a game server for Quake 4 Demo, commonly know as "Deadz Zone". I am starting this blog so that some of my regular followers or players can keep track of what is going on with the server and some events of my life.

I was given Quake 4 as a present from my children. They thought I might like to play a faster paced game. Up until then I had a small network of computers in my house and the kids and I would play Quake 3 Demo for fun. I did not get to start playing Q4 for some time due to the fact all my computers were still Windows 98SE machines. Q4 will not play on SE, so that led to the build of a new computer.

I built a system as follows: ASUS Striker Xtreme MB, E8400 intel CPU, EVGA 8800GTX video card, 2 GB of memory, 2x 500 GB hard drives in aray, and a 360 GB Seagate HD for install of Windows XP Pro 32 bit version. I combinded all this in a Antec 900 case with a ThermalTake 750 watt PSU. The PSU later turned out to be deffective, but not before causing a good deal of unexplained shutdowns. I used this rig to play the game only. And, soon learned how to O"clock this beast.
A easy reach for this rig is 3.6 GHz on air cooling.

I did not like the full ver game so much, so I loaded up the Demo to start playing more of the arena style games. I did have a little exerience early on with Q3 and Unreal Tournament games. The earliest game I played of this FPS style was an old MAC game called Marathon. I did not start playing till I was in my 40's. Yes I am an old guy.

Now, you say, what does my name mean? When I first started to play, I was not very good. I was always DEAD and always last Again.. So it was the very first name I played under, "Dead Again". Albeit a long time, I have improved and can hold my own with many players. But, I am by no means a pro. Something to remember, when you decide to learn a new skill, there will always be someone better than you.

I will continue this post as time allows.